Leigh Pennebaker

My sculpture deals with my lifelong fascination with fashion, women, and beauty. I view my work as three-dimensional caricature through which I channel the spirits of southern belles, divas, vixens, and ingenues. To me, style is about so much more than fabric or fashion. It's about how something is worn, and more importantly, why. With each wire dress I explore the presence of the female form and gesture without sculpting representations of actual body parts. Instead I added to physical bearing, spirit, and impulse through sculpted clothing.

I use jagged industrial fencing and rebar tie-wire to construct the sculpture. I am intrigued by the contrast that the materials create with the subject matter. The connotations of entrapment and bondage are juxtaposed with that of iconic feminine beauty. Ultimately, the sharp linear quality of the wire is perfect for an expression which is both elegant and raw, whimsical yet edgy.

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